Intelliseq is a genome informatics company established in 2014 by a group of scientists fascinated with pharmacogenomics and transcriptomics. We are focused on the development of novel algorithms and bioinformatic tools devoted to the interpretation of human DNA sequence. Our aim is to support whole genome scientific research and genetic diagnosis process. At Intelliseq, we understand that in-depth data analysis and interpretation lies at the very heart of successful genome-wide research. The company consists of an interdisciplinary team of experts in the field of genomics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, mathematics, neuropsychology, and software development.

Founders of Intelliseq


Our partners


Since the very start of our company’s operations, we have been cooperating with the scientific and academic community by supporting genomic research initiatives. We provide full support in the areas of NGS sequencing, data analysis and clinical interpretation, and presentation of the results.

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